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Flip Wolf Evaluates Property Specific Data

In a typical day in Southern California there are over 1,000 new listings, 900 price changes, and 350 properties back to market. This is impossible to analyze consistently and within the same day. There needs to be a system to evaluate all these data points 24 hours a day. Flip Wolf analyzes every single property that hits the market in real-time using proprietary technology.

Off Market Flip Deals Delivered to You

Users select parameters for the type of flip leads they want to receive, including geographic area, purchase price, property type, and level of rehab required. Based on these parameters, our system automatically delivers flip opportunities new to the market and pre-screened by expert analysts right to the hands of the flip investor, whether in the office or on the go. Opportunity notifications provided include project estimates ready for investor review, allowing them to submit a speedy offer ahead of the pack directly to the listing agent.

Proprietary Technology Identifies Flip Deals

Our technology is comprised of a complex set of algorithms and filters that create a short list of well valued properties. Since we shoot for the rehab market, our technology targets the after-repair value and estimates project-specific construction costs.

Experts Manually Analyze and Screen Properties

While you can do a lot with computers and the cloud, we want to make it rain deals from the cloud. Where the algorithms leave off, we have an in-house team of analysts that look at the vetted list to optimize for qualitative factors. MLS data does not tell you about things like busy streets, mall parking lots, non-conforming additions, etc. You need to know this information as a successful investor.


Let Flip Wolf hunt down the deals for you and stay ahead of the pack. Simply set your property criteria and let the deals come to you.


Other systems allow you to filter down MLS property listings, but still have you spending hours-a-day analyzing properties, looking for flip deals.

Shawn Pfaff, Pfaff Investments

"I use to spend about 3 hours a day looking through the MLS, until I discovered Flip Wolf. Now I'm out on the field while deals come to me.”

Matt Venuto, Inland Property Solutions

"I would recommend it to anyone who wants to attack the real estate market head on but who does not want to hire 10 people to do so.”

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Five years ago our CEO, Tony Diaz, was flipping close to 200 houses a year. With higher volume, profit margins were eroding. Stepping back from the grind of operations Tony began mapping out the logic tree of what is involved with the entire flipping process, including sourcing deals, finding values, managing the construction process and pricing the projects. This led to his development of cutting-edge technology, allowing him to scale to high volume while sustaining profit margins.


Two years later Flip Wolf was born out of Tony's unique valuation tool that's fast, comprehensive and includes the human touch, to deliver valuable opportunities to flip investors.


We envision a world where investors focus on the money-making part of the business while Flip Wolf hunts down and delivers the flip deals, using quantitative and qualitative techniques unlike other platforms that just run data.


At the core of Flip Wolf is a tireless program that is evaluating properties within minutes of the listings becoming active. A proprietary algorithm identifies flip deals and aggregates data, consolidating comps and pulling pictures and maps, allowing our analysts to quickly turn listings into analyzed flip opportunities.  A smart distribution system immediately delivers these opportunities to flip investors based on their specified target parameters. 

NEWS -  "We are the technology behind the opportunity" 


Cloud CMA's iBuyer feature has legs
New feature from W+R Studios is patent-pending, now open to investors nationwide.

W+R Studios partnered with Flip Wolf, a real estate tech firm that flags multiple listing service (MLS) listings that could be profitable home flips for a network of real estate investors.  Read More





Cloud CMA's new feature, iBuyer Connect™, leads to successful home transactions for subscribers
W+R Studios also announces patent filed on proprietary method of connecting CMA software and iBuyers, and increases coverage by launching new Cloud CMA nationwide  Read More




Cloud Investor Connect is a new service from W&R Studios.

 When preparing a Cloud CMA on a qualified home, agents will see the option to connect with an investor making a cash offer. Read More



Tony Diaz, the "Flip Wolf" himself - Founder & CEO

A 24 year Southern California real estate veteran, Tony Diaz developed proprietary conception-to-completion real estate technology that has helped him achieve over 1000 successful real estate transactions throughout his career as founder and manager of multiple technology-driven real estate investment companies.


His ability to scale and thrive in a highly-competitive market has earned him the nickname "Flip Wolf".  

Lauren - Wholesale Manager 

With a wealth of knowledge and real estate expertise, Lauren’s role encompasses a multitude of responsibilities in all aspects of management including operations, real estate, and construction. The company’s visionary, Lauren possesses the ability to effectively manage all financial aspects of projects and department activities. She has a keen knowledge and strong commitment to sustainability initiatives, as well as incredible attention to detail. Lauren has the ability to cultivate and instill passion and motivation in all her team members.

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